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Julia Bernstein Favorites

“What are the top 5 creations you’ve made?”
Julia Bernstein:

The truth of the matter is that I think my top 5 creations are yet to be made. I also kind of didn’t make much work while I was working my job in public policy research. That said, I’m still really happy about a 4-part photo series I did for a show in the jury assembly room at the alameda county courthouse. It’s the story of a trial in which I play judge, defendant, jury and prosecutor. It’s on the wall there still if you want to go some time and see. I also felt really good about the baboon costume I made for a number with my dance troupe. I’m also still really fond of the photos I took while I was in Antarctica. The other two would probably just be any drawings i’ve made in the last couple years that friends felt compelled to save. A few co-workers kept my goofy drawings above their desks for years. That is incredibly flattering to me.

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Mark Porest Favorites

“What are the top 5 creations you’ve made?”
Mark Porest:

Porest – “Tourrorists” (album)
I Remember Syria (double album)
Cambodian Cassette Archives (compilation)
Sumatran Folk Cinema (film)
“Bad Day” A claymation film about a clay man brushing his teeth with clay-eating poison (super-8 film)

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EMA Favorites

“What are the top 5 creations you’ve made?”
Erika Anderson:

1. Email to my Grandfather telling him how much I appreciate the sacrifices he went through as a soldier in WWII

2. 5 great years of substitute teaching including many collaborative performance art pieces

3. Version of “Midnite Rider” recorded on 4 track when I was a teenager

4. Red State album / Kind Heart track

5. pumpkin pie made from scratch with my high school best friend (and lots of love and fun)

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Hans Grusel Favorites

“What are the top 5 creations you’ve made?”
Thomas of Hans Grusel:

1. First Experiments with Modular Synthases. Prior to this I was focusing solely on acoustic based composition. These early experiments opened my eyes to the fact that I did not need an orchestra of humans to realize a work, instead I could have a unique pallet of electronic sounds under my fingers; so I traded my pen + paper for some patch cables.

2. My orchestral work “Objecy”. Largest acoustic basted work I’ve created to date. Revised later to include electronics.

3. Earliest wood grain costumes, scenery and props including the Amplified Mushroom. As a child I always marveled at woodgrain. Depending on how I look at it, I see every detail of humanity in the grain: life, death, beauty, horror, psychosis, serenity, and the ultimate beyond.

4. “Blooded Milkmaid” a yet unrealized work. A spookhouse /darkride type attraction. Basically a series of rooms each with a specific design of sound and visuals. The piece exists for what I call a “drag-through attraction,” where participants are hooked to a pulley system and drug through a series of rooms. The attraction follows a somewhat standard storyline: a young milkmaid is brutally tortured and executed, and after a series of ritual events, her specter is resurrected and seeks revenge on the murderers. Uplifting stuff. I plan to release it as a CD-storybook, but I doubt the attraction will ever see the light of day for obvious safety reasons.

5. The reversible Vampire/Angel costume I made when I way 5. I was obsessed with Barnabis Collins as a youngster, probably because my mother had Dark Shadows on in the background while she was vacuuming. In any event I took piece of black cloth and sewed a draped vampire covering. Sunday school or Christmas probably taunted me to reverse the garment and sew a white cloth in the underside to make an Angle in reverse. Silly Stuff!

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Zeek Sheck – Bulbs – Anti-Ear – All Talk : Live in Oakland

Zeek Sheck: In a massive rescue attempt that included years of tunneling, the Revolutionaries drilled into the Care Company with a giant hole boring machine in order to free the Shecks. The Revolutionaries discovered the Sheck’s cutoff heads attached to Rebrainwashing machines. Much to everyone’s surprise, the Sheck heads did not wish to be rescued, they had become content. The disheartened Revolutionaries rode their giant hole boring machine out onto the great planes until it broke down, then they wandered aimlessly about the country side. Meanwhile the Care Company Attendants maintained the Sheck heads and the rebrainwashing machines in pristine condition so that the town’s people could come in for continual rebrainwashing.
Music played by Carrie Barclay on bassoon, Matt Ingalls on clarinet and bass clarinet, Canner MEFE on clarinet and computer, Tyler Harwood, Moe Staiano, Jacob Heule, and Sarah Lockhart on drums.

Bulbs: a power duo with guitar, drums and electronics. Put on your tin foil hats so THEY can’t hear your brain prancing around in delight. A rare and special treat, you really don’t want to miss these two. Yes, they have soul.

Anti-Ear: Alway evolving and expanding, a brand new sound and experience can always be expected with this hilarious one. Just when you are feeling all bored and uninterested like you have heard and seen it all, up comes Anti-Ear to jostle your system.

Small Talk: So new that I have no idea what is going to happen!

January 15, 2011 Saturday 9:00PM
Life Changing Ministries
1629 8th Street. Oakland, CA

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Infinity Fixed

Yes it is true, Infinity has been fixed, sort of!
The new server doesn’t work the same as netsourcehosting, the Texas web host which disappeared without a trace one day taking all my data with it. But I rewrote the infinity script with php instead of cgi, now it works similarly but not really as good as before when it was trawling all the pages. I had path problems with php and images, only absolute path images would show, so I got lazy and wrote different way. I still need to mess with the audio so its continuous. As a whole, I don’t like it as much as before but it still fits the premise of INFINITY!!!

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VIROBOTS: The Plague has Begun

THe Plague has Begun

Our Best Machines Are Made of Sunshine

Also Playing:
Joshua Churchill

October 29, 2009

Queen’s Nails Projects
3191 Mission Street, San Francisco