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Noise Picnic!!

It’s summer. I’ve had a lot of fun getting stuff together for this new Episode of Zeek Sheck. I’ve been recording the last Zeek Sheck album all summer and really want to focus on that but it’s been more entertaining than I expected trying to incorporate the recordings into this live show coming up on Sunday. I probably overdid it, again. Invited a bunch of people to play too, can’t wait for that! Jake Rodriguez, Carrie Barclay, Danishta Riviera, Theresa Currie, and Julia Bernstein will all take part.

Come bring a blanket and picnic food and hear the noise.

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Joshua Kit Clayton favorites

Question: What are your favorite creations?
Answer: “Taking pleasure in one’s own creations is a funny process. It can be like staring into a mirror, popping zits, finding the treasures that your body has created and you are compelled to expunge, left with a sore puffy wound. Looking back at my life, I suppose the creations I’m interested in most would have to be the memories and experiences that I’ve cultivated as myth and continued to share as I’ve grown older. Most of the artistic, technical, or material creations I’ve made, I could probably take or leave, and I find myself wanting to talk little about them, even if I indulge myself in the privacy of my own bathroom. I won’t elaborate on these personal myths here, but instead will provide a very succinct list, and leave it to the reader to create their own myths for me.”
-Joshua Kit Clayton

1. Booger Man.

2. Giant Woven Vagina.

3. Hammer Throwing Incident.

4. Drug-Addled Rave Days.

5. Amateur Participant/Observer “Research”

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Eric Landmark Favorites

“What are the top 5 creations you’ve made?”

Eric Landmark:

1. The Buzzerk
An instrument using metal apartment buzzers – specifically the pitch adjust screw on the back.

2. The Fuck You Garage
A slide show examining some graffiti.

3. The Hidden Realities of Asteroids
A short video trying to determine what is really going on in the game Asteroids.

4. I Can’t Wait To Die
An old timey upbeat sacred song

5. Rat Tar flyers
Xerox flyers combining a found image with a phrase I used to post around Madison.

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Liz Albee Favorites

“What are the top 5 creations you’ve made?”
Liz Albee Favorites:

1.) that song jason and i wrote in 1996. gotta find a copy.
2.) my bulbous maroon head made of spray-foam.
3.) my early obsession with words and strings and rooms.
4.) that neanderthal mask and hair construction, the one that still had sheep shit in the wool.
5.) the fake tupperware and latex electronic trigger tits.

Liz Albee

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George Chen Favorites

“What are the top 5 creations you’ve made?”
George Chen Favorites

1. Beth Louise Chen, my daughter. Nothing so perfect has ever issued from my loins.
2. 7 Year Rabbit Cycle – Ache Hornes
3. KIT – Invocation
4. Everything on my record label (
5. My Twitter account

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Kelly Kuvo Favorites

“What are the top 5 creations you’ve made?”
Kelly Kuvo Favorites:

1. Miss Artificial Spring cable access tv show. (Chicago)
2. Strawberry Shortcake records review article in Roctober Magazine (New York/Chicago)
3. Sweet Thunder Talent Expo at Astor Place Starbucks. (New York City)
4. Bubblegum Queen for the Bubblegum Music Achievement Awards Ceremony at the Magic Castle. (Los Angeles)
5. Tour Guide for the John Fante & Raymond Chandler literary bus tours. (Los Angeles)

Kelly Kuvo!

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Stay out of Prison

I have been reading this thread by this guy who went to prison for a few years. It’s pretty interesting.

“So anyway, this has all been pretty grim shit. So since I started with a list of the worst things about prison, I thought I’d leave [sic] with a list of the best things about freedom. Not sappy bullshit about your parents and sunshine – but things you probably take for granted because you’ve never had them taken away.


No one laughs inside. You might occassionally fake a laugh when someone does something stupid, or gets what they deserve. But inside you laugh at straight up irony. Nothing is really funny when you’re locked in a concrete bunker with seemingly no hope of getting out.

When I went inside, my favourite things were horror movies and violent video games. But now I can’t stand the thought of them. I’ve seen too much real violence for one life time.

Instead I’ve burned through three seasons of 30 Rock. I haven’t laughed so hard in my entire life. I find myself laughing at shit that a couple of years ago I would have been too jaded and cynical to laugh at, or thought that it wasn’t cool to laugh at. Now I find myself cruising through Metacritic for the funniest films of the last two years. I liked to think that I used to be funny, but now, I realise I’m not. That I look in the mirror and there is this kind of grimness there.

So don’t take laughter for granted. It can actually be taken away quite easily.”

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harmless predatory ground beetle

I found this bug in my studio and got totally distracted with my microscope, after which I researched z-brackets. I thought maybe the bug was a termite but Daniel Marlos from said it’s a harmless predatory ground beetle. Apparently termites have no waists and they don’t wear girdles.

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VIROBOTS: The Plague has Begun

THe Plague has Begun

Our Best Machines Are Made of Sunshine

Also Playing:
Joshua Churchill

October 29, 2009

Queen’s Nails Projects
3191 Mission Street, San Francisco