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Joshua Kit Clayton favorites

Question: What are your favorite creations?
Answer: “Taking pleasure in one’s own creations is a funny process. It can be like staring into a mirror, popping zits, finding the treasures that your body has created and you are compelled to expunge, left with a sore puffy wound. Looking back at my life, I suppose the creations I’m interested in most would have to be the memories and experiences that I’ve cultivated as myth and continued to share as I’ve grown older. Most of the artistic, technical, or material creations I’ve made, I could probably take or leave, and I find myself wanting to talk little about them, even if I indulge myself in the privacy of my own bathroom. I won’t elaborate on these personal myths here, but instead will provide a very succinct list, and leave it to the reader to create their own myths for me.”
-Joshua Kit Clayton

1. Booger Man.

2. Giant Woven Vagina.

3. Hammer Throwing Incident.

4. Drug-Addled Rave Days.

5. Amateur Participant/Observer “Research”