For 10 years wanted by French Authorities for posing as a nun while smuggling arms to the Algerian Liberation Front around the time of Independance. Tired of action life, Fred decided to retire and persue a life in music. His first band, Little Sisters of the Poor, sold a dissapointing 17.3 billion copies of its debut album. Subsequent releases were rejected by the marketplace. (Source: Sound-Scan). Since that time, he has devoted his energies to making music that sells poorly. Work with war time compatriot Ahmed El-Motassem, as well as his groups Peep, Broken Wire, Trigger boast combined sales figure in the low 3 digits. To offset the losses of these projects, he occasionaly makes cameo appearances in soft core porn films, puppet productions of classic literature, and lends his scratchy yet dulcet tones to popular recordings by Zeek Sheck, U.S. Maple, Lake O'Dracula, Bobby Conn, Palace and many others.