Atomic Number: 11


Electrons: 2-8-1
Oxidation States: +1
Atomic Weight: 22.989770
Phase: Gas
M.P.: 370.87 K
(97.72 °C, 207.9 °F)
B.P.: 1156 K
(883 °C, 1621 °F)

Occurrence: 0.000187%
Sodium is highly reactive, burns with a yellow flame, reacts violently with water and oxidizes in air necessitating storage in an inert environment.
My roommate NVH is a real Sodium Chloride fanatic. He has all kinds of gormet salts. One time I had a sore throat and gargled with some of his BBQ flavored salt. I felt funny.

Thanks: Wikipedia

1 foot in diameter
acrylic on wood