EARTH AS INSTRUMENT Touch down had been 4 hrs ago and her priority was to find housing and then a cover job. She walked slowly towards the bay. There was sound everywhere on the street. In front of the bus station there were two trees absolutelly swarming with birds cackling and tweeting and fluttering. The cars and buses drove by oblivious to the bird trees. The vehicles emitted their own low frequency growl. She could hear the sound of her six inch heals, clicking on the pavement. Business men were gabbling to each other about deals and Telepathy fanatics walked along as if they were talking to themselves. A street cleaner drove by and set off two proximity vehicle alarms. As she walked she laid the devices anywhere they would fit. Under the cloverleaf she saw a sign. For sale it said. She wrote the number down and called. A man with a deep British accent answered and they arranged to meet to see the property. Inside the place was a roar of the cars that sped the overpass. the emptiness of the rooms added tot he reverberation. It reminded her of the metal tanker 9 miles under the Frendteels Sea, her previous home. A trolley clanked by on teh street below knocking her out of revery. The building manager was going on, "The paint is chipping slightly in the bedroom but that is nothing a good scraping and spackling won't fix. And you'll need to buy a refridgerator." suddenly she became impatient to rid herself of this man. ofcourse, She said,"This is all fine, I'll take it. Here is the # you can call, my lawyers will deal with the details. I would like to move in today, if that is ok. Here is the downpayment." She handed him a suitcase of cash, thousands. After opening the case, He stood there gawking for a moment then with a boisterous laughing voice said, "Well, this will be a fine house for you, you will be happy here." The next day she went to look for work. she applied at a a bakery, an taqueria, a Library, and a museum. A callback came from the Taqueria. Work began the next day. A small ugly man name Miguel showed her the ropes. He told her how to roll the tortillas and carve the meat of the stick into a large greased pan. The meat spit motor made a fine sound and the grill's sizzling noises kept her ears busy until the end of the day. The sizzles were so complex, always diferent, never two the same. the job turned out to be perfect because apparently the taqueria next door drew all teh business so ours never mae very much money. Due to this factor, the pay was low and employee turn over was high. this was a boon, she would stay a while, laying devices like a hen lays eggs. After work she mapped out every single building with an elevaotr in the city and began laying the devices in each one. these remotes would be compiled in a central locational called Vertical. when the work was done it was well after midnight. Back in the new apartment, she curled up on the floor and slept.In the morning it was back to work. Miguel was already there. When she came in his eyes lit up and in the standard broken English Language, he crooned, " Hello my little lady, did you sleep alone? " Wondering if this was unnatural, she asked, "Should I have a companion? You?" He raised an eyebrow and took her hand. He began to say something but a customer came in and put in a morning feeders order. They prepared the meat, gave it to the man. Miguel came and knudged her up into the corner and began feeling her body. His hands fealt suprisingly pleasant and the sound of his hands running across her skin was an entirely new auditory experience. Not to mention the saliva sound of the "kissing". all day this continued, in between order taking. that night Miguel was her companion in the new apartment. As they entered the main room, she gave him an off shot so he would remain in repose while she spent two hours laying the devices into the heater systems of the downtown buildings. Things were going smoothly and the deadline would be met with ease. time went fast, the city was becoming layered with devices. finally time was ripe. It was be her last night with Miguel. She lay by his side cooing. He was warm and inviting. They touched then he fell asleep. She got up to pack and clean. There was not much she could take with her and the rest of the stuff she must get rid of. They always came to inspect the house after she'd lived there To make sure she had stuck to the guidelines of Clud's work. This was a serious business. She perrused a photo album and took out all the pages. Couldn't let them find these, incriminating to say the least. Intimate interactions with locals was highly illegal. There were pictures of Miguel in various poses, naked, with a cutup girl, shoving a gun into a number of her wounds. There was one picture of the dead woman's arms on the table with a gun to the slit wrists. Miguel was grinning and pretending he was licking up the blood in the photo. It was these sort of things that made her individual, seperate from one of Clud's flock, systematically laying devices. True individuallity was, out of necesity, a silent crow sitting on a fence post during a winters storm howl. To show off individuality with loud caws would be asking for unwanted attention. If caught showing signs of individuallity, it was possible she could lose her position in Clud's flock. Aah but there was no worry if she took care to cover the tracks. She tidied quite a bit and then began walking. She had walked quite a distance into the hills before looking back. It was about to begin and she was ready. the bomb went off. She watched as the dust cloud and shock wave rolled over the city. She knew she wasn't quite far enough away for total safety but she hoped for the best. She could see boats and cars trying to outdistance the dust cloud but it rolled over them anyways. As the cloud came clear up the hill, dispersing, it disappated. for a couple hrs she dodged the dark sections of the bomb debree while watching as brightly colored electric fantasms of dead humans and animals blew towards her devices. All these fantasms were being recorded by the devices, just as the bomb had been recorded. Just as the elevator devices recorded the entire span of rythmic up/down audio existance, well place devices took recordings that held the entire life and death of each fantasm before its body died and becamse pure electricity. The recordings held them walking, running and scooping up snow. It held them crying, screaming, and lamenting in sorrow as their crystal elephant collections broke in earthquakes. The devices made recording of life, recordings of the planet. As sound engineer for the great instrument, earth, she was priveledged with the best multi frequency hearing a life form could expect to have. Luck was her identical twin. After collecting teh devices, she made her way towards the ship and took off, onward to a new planet. It was a different tune that cement and city covered earth played, different than the last planet which was covered with mountains, cliffs, streams, all size of water falls. The last planet was so relaxing, so peaceful. God was a fine musician indeed, giving song for what was needed, every affair. The galaxy of the fighting Elnewers had three resort planets with volcanic erruptions giving palance voice to the cutthroat urges of their soldiers. Perfectionist, Clud teamed explosive planets with ignightable life forms. Its wonderful to witness the beauty of Cluds choices.