>>Woofpies is planning a tour,here is a list of our

1.100$ or more guantee. babes have to be at the house or hotel we stay at.
3.only hot babes.
4.amplifiers will be prvided.
5.a decent P.A. at each show.
5.a vegetarian meal prepared each performance. beer. service to and from each show. has to tight.
9.all the bands we play with have to suck so we look good.
10.all the bands have to be uglier than us.
11.giant mirrors have to be placed on and around the stage
12.giant wolf heads have to be protruding from the bar entrance,as to make it diffcult to enter and exit.
13.every one not in the audience must wear wolf costumes and howl periodicaly.
14.fresh socks must be provided every day.
15.a new jean jacket with wolf embroidered on back for every show,as we intend to throw it into the audience after each show.
16).no cops.
18 teenagers must know and love wolf eyes weeks befor we arrive.
19).wolf eyes fan club has to be established,east and west coast.
20.Cortney Love is not allowed at any shows
21.we each need our own scibe.
22.all rights to recordings made before ,during,and after the show,.
23.all quotes phrases and any thing clever i might say is mine and noone eles may put it on a t-shirt.
24.giant pandas will be borrowed from the local zoo
25) wolfs will also be borrowed.
26).2000 white doves to be released before and after each show.

Ok thats it tell me if you can do anything for us,..

>>young Jean Street >>

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