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Small Packages #2: Ligeti’s Chamber Concerto

Date: Saturday, January 23, 2010
Location: San Francisco Conservatory of Music
sfSound performs György Ligeti’s stunning “Chamber Concerto” for 13 instruments alongside new short works written for sfSound by ten local composers. Coming from the many diverse bay area scenes, these musicians were commissioned to create new pieces for this concert inspired by and/or contrasting with Ligeti’s monumental disquisition on sound and texture.

In case you missed it
or would like to hear it again,
sfSound’s “small packages” concert from last week is up on sfSoundRadio.

to listen:

to download program (pdf):

small packages
Saturday, January 23, 2010
San Francisco Conservatory of Music Concert Hall

György Ligeti’s “Chamber Concerto” (1969-70) Fliessend mp3, Sostenuto mp3, Moviemento Preciso Emeccanico mp3, Concerto 4 Presto mp3
Nick Bacchetto – String Trio (2009)
Dan Becker – Gobble (2009)
David Coll – Untitled II (2009)
Tom Dambly – Chamber Concerto, op.3 (second movement) (2009)
Heather Frasch – to disassemble and reconstruct (2009)
Canner MEFE (Zeek Sheck) – Pen and Pencil Drawer mp3 (2009)
Maggi Payne – Shh (2009)
Mauricio Rodriguez – fluere (2009)
Greg Saunier (Deerhoof) – Secret Mobilization (2009)
Theresa Wong – Castings (2009)

with performances by:
Stacey Pelinka – flutes
Kyle Bruckmann – oboe/english horn
ma++ ingalls – clarinets
Peter Josheff – clarinet
John Ingle – saxophones
Monika Warchol – horn
Colby Wiley – trombone
Christopher Jones – piano, conductor
Hadley McCarroll – harpsichord, organ
Ann Yi – piano, celeste
Graeme Jennings – violin, conductor
Erik Ulman – violin
Alexa Beattie – viola
Monica Scott – cello
Richard Worn – bass