Consider this my friends, .if you were only a head with tiny feet then you’d probably spend your life thinking out brilliant solutions too. The Beeper's plan to rescue Zeek Sheck's Prisoner Beeper worked slendidly. Not only did they rescue the Beeper but they cut off all of the Cloud People’s Heads so that they could use their long legs to get around easier. The Beepers wanted to dance now that they had these incredibley long and sensuous ladies legs! They decided to have a big party.! They danced and had party games. They also had some pretty amazeing decorated cakes and jello molds that looked like two Hawiaan Islands connected by a rope bridge! What a great party!! There were boa constricters who cooked succulents in their own innards and writhing hairball spagetti type airborn furniture made out of the softest spun silk for the party people & Beepers to rest their weary heads after they had danced their hearts out to the fine music that the round robot radios “orbots” pumped out wiht booming bass and shrieking treble! There was a lazer light show with the world’s most famous masochists getting body parts Lazered off from a distance of 500 feet. There was 2 mile chess boards played with trained purebred attack dogs and 5 deck 3 day poker games and jousting tournaments by fighter planes and church spires! There was bongo playing and heart surgery for the pure joy of it! There was happy people and lovers and mothers and daughters and rabbit foot lucky charms dangleing from slick & studly lucky winners and there were lights twinkleing everywhere and there was beautiful paper snowflakes .

Everyone partied long and hard, until they forgot why they were partying and forgot why they were playing games. They all took themselves as serious as puffed up cats in a fight to death and began to live by the rules of the games that they once played for fun.

They forgot that the competition for the most cookies eaten was a game. They forgot who the other players were. They forgot and killed their opponents out of anger and fear that the cookie supply would end! They forgot and hid from the games, alone with their hordes, immobile cookie eaters. Murderous ping pong gambleing clubs where the loser’s legs would be taken to the few beepers who still needed legs. They forgot and the game was only played by the great masters who still liked to win big, who had the spirit of competition so bad that they became sadistic about it. Because most everyone else had forgotten, a hierarchy of slaves and masters was created. No longer was there fun in the world, for no-one looked up from their singular tasks to see that there was a whole world out there thriveing and waiting for the swell of the party to begin once again, in a golden age of reason and wild creative game playing and love potions!!!!

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