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Zeek Sheck is an evil tyrant who gets her head cut off at the very begginning of the era of Zemag Daeh. During this misfortunate time, her cut off head gets put to work in The Care Company Re-Brainwashing Services.

The Cryers
After the Take Over and the organization of The Care Company by the Beepers, The Shecks no longer rode in the whirlwind and directed the storm via news propaganda for they became slaves. All communications were ended and for 10 long years there was no news from either chatterboxes or wippoorwills. The mass soul was beaten cowered. But to live in fear never goes on for eternity. The towns people jounced with agitation during this dark age devoid of tidings. Trampled grass blades always spring back up for the seeds are in the soil. By and by the dark was over. Informational input is the soul's necesity like water that keeps the roots and branches of the tree growing. The people from the research department of the Hullard Home devised a way to harvest news instantaneously and spread the true word freely. Thus the Town Cryers were born. The Cryers could travel the currents and the songbird's wing, the leg of the bee and the dust mote. The Cryers bring truth.

The Sea Shells
Zeek, Zarconia Sheck and Solly went down to the shore to pick up sea shells so they could make mobiles for the glass room of a million winds. these mobiles would create such a beautiful cacophony that it would herd people towards the sound like the air raids of old did drive people to thier underground bomb shelter distinations. Once the people were all in one place surroundig the room of a million winds, the shecks opened suction panels in the side of the room and sucked everyone in. THe Shecks and waterver presigious guesst invited for the events would cry with laughter as they watched the Tornado of people collide and fragment, blood everywhere. The wind room was designed with a forceful upward suction so the waves of blood would go through a milisecond freezer then be sprayed high up into the air, keeping the glass clear for viewing and keeping the viewers cool with the rain of cold blood

Grokky & B. Cannery
Grokky is the one who knows all and B Canner is the one who fears all and knows nothing. They are black and white to each other and battle so hard that in their wake all the trees fall down, the people lose their hair by the roots and all the ocean water goes up into the sky to create a Thunder, rain and lightening storm so wild that even the mountains blow apart.

Solly and Sally
A brother sister team of highest security intelligence. These two could secure a sponge of a thousand holes from any specified liquids, they could keep five hundred paranas at bay as especially tender bleeding children swam in their midst, they could keep the Army ants men from destroying the five mile high wooden effigies of the great Sheck ancestors. Both these two ecaped the Beepers Carnage with their heads and torsoes intact. they made a deal with the beepers to head the new secret Puzzlenok society for people who LOVED to figure out the most difficult puzzles and the Beepers rewarded them with spring bionic legs for speed running, tilting and flying.

Monica Bou Bou
Monica bou Bou was one of the many great story tellers of the land. she knew many things, if you had a question about history or the ways of the world, she was the one to ask. She also has been known to soothe the bloodthirst out of many an angry man with her beautiful violin playing. She writes alot for the music for her lover, the Great Bobby Conn.

Mo and Rose
Chess Foes of old and perhaps sisters of the same father, they play all the games of the masters this one being the game where Deep Blue first beat Kasparov. They play the master games to quicken the logic and practice the deep thinking of high strategy. Each move changes the future moves like each note in improv music changes the future notes to be played.

Mr. 6-J-10
You woulld think from his name that Mr. 6-J-10 would be a 4008 product line robot but he is not named for the Kwaza Company Robot Line. He is thusly named because he is at least 6 feet tall, his initial is J and in beauty he is a perfect ten. He is world reknown for his beauty and has a manly deep baritone voice that runs hot shivers up even the coldest of spinster virgins. He is also a quiet introspective man who cares a great deal for all people in his path. How he ended up in the security devision of The Sheck Family is funny indeed. See he has a real pentiant for all things Gross and vile. He would be the first to blow his snot into a bowl, puke on top of it, let it sit for three weeks as he watched the maggots vester, then take the whole concoction down to the Gross Out Hall of Fame and awe the vueyeristic thrill seekers as he feasts with slurping gumption. Each week there is a different craze for grossness at the Gross Out Hall of Fame and when one fan was asked "What's the pleasure in it?" the reply was, "Fads come, Fads go. They relieve the tedium of routine. Why not enjoy them?" This was after he had viewed a week long sexual flesh eating extravaganza during which five women ate a man alive, starting with small dainty nibbles at the toes and going ever so slow to ensure the man stayed alive as long as possible. The men who underwent this suicide/murder were able to endure the greatest of pain and were put into training camps at the age of 3. They usually didn't die until after the women had eaten their legs, arms, ears and random bites from the torsoe. A cauterizer stood on hand to make sure the men did not bleed to dead immediatelly. It was highly erotisized as the women got naked and greased up and played with each other's privates while waiting for the next bite. Though this was illegal above ground, it was ran rampant on the 809th level down for about 2 years and then everybody was bored of it, "so yesterday", like fecal fetishes are now, messy and certainly not classy.

The Elvin Queen Gayla
She is just a condescending joke for ladies who take themselves too seriously. If a woman has high ways, walking down the center of the road with head held high, looking neither left nor right, looking down her nose with distain and criticism for everyone includeing the happy go lucky, then she is said to be an EQG. Where the joke came from nobody knows for there is no mention of an Elvin Queen Gayla in the history books. This joke is passed word of mouth and told in the same way as Why did the Chicken cross the road jokes.

> John C
a Famous wandering salesman leprecaun who sells meat of rainbow colors to the niave. He was prone to sing opera and was a real sadist who hit people with his shilalee if they didn't eat the rainbow meat fast enough.

The Cutoffs
The cutoffs are of course the vengeful Beepers who saved the captured tortured Beeper from the Shecks who tried to 2XCommandZ, this in order to use the beeper prisoner as a puppet leader for the wayward people of the earth. All that 2XcommandZ stuff happened in the Cloud People's Good Luck Suckers, the 2nd of 6 albums!

A much sought after creature for his wisdom and entertaining humour, his true form is like an octopus except on the end of each tenticle is a lamprey like head the can distort quickly to do characatures of anyone he meets. He is perfect to go on a social outing with because on the way home he will indeed use each of his heads to mimic to a T all the guests of the party until you beg him to stop or you will surely bust your seems.

Milton Babbitt
A composer

Weasel Walter
A man.

A hot Italian sex ed star with really curly hair, five legs, and scanners covering her body so that if you lose something she is a great person to invite over because she will help you find it. It can scan a 5 mile radius.

Chuck Falzone & Thymme Jones
Two dudes who have been stareing at each other for 5 years running now. They are record setters

A crazy stalker from Ireland who screams all the time and chases people on her bicycle.

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