album #2 by Zeek Sheck, Zarconia Sheck, Solly, Sally, Thymme Jones, Fred Lonberge Holm, Monica Bou Bou, Mr. 6-J-10, Liam Hayes, Tony, Nate Gram, RPM the FAST, & more


How to fly
How and when to keep your mouth shut
How to sing a victory chant that will get everyone riled up.
How to hook yourself into static electric fields so you can secretly spy on your favorite person
How to pathetically whine and complain until all the disgusting humans get away from you.
How to cozy up to pure evil.
How to live the party life.
How to strut at a parade
How to get away with being a pyro.
How to make your dog your willing slave.
How to make hard asses lose their cool so you can laugh.
How to give a speech.

How to fit in
How to die gracefully.