Zemag Daeh Landscape
pen and ink on paper


A. Ladies Leg Collector
B. Flying oxygenator & nature monitor
C. Heat air pocket delivery service
D. Food machine & regrowth center
E. Asteroid Camp
F. Giant hand massager
G. Chaotic Mass Transformer
H. Games center 3
I. Numb skull for wounded hearts
J. Roveing Sexy Play thing
K. Beepers with stolen Sheck bodies
L. Couple engaged in thumb wrestling
M. Twin hatcheries
N. Tennis champion Irene Shetwa
O. Records & Score center
P. World Famous masochist Bo Tallon
Q. Range Game divier
R. Shelvin Atra's floating Hairball
S. Carbon Monoxide
T. Ghost
U.O2 Molecules
V. Dust
W. Mosu
X. Dandel Seedling